Coming from the small-town brushes of southern France, Morgan M., aka Quiet Blue, is an experimental singer-songwriter currently based in New York City. He is known for combining traditional folk structures with experimental sounds and textures to create a unique musical experience. He has recently been working with cellist Sarah Hawley-Snow and percussionist Matt Camgros in his new album "Hues and Calm", which was originally released on January 21 2014. 

The story began in 2009, when he crossed the Atlantic to arrive in California and study music in the Bay Area. There, he combined his growing musical talent with a modern approach to song craftsmanship, and recorded his debut album “Grande”, released by UK-based independent label Tape Club Records in May 2011. With his emotionally powerful songwriting blended with subtle acoustic guitar, piano and strings, the album speaks about solitude, travel, death, and love. 

Now, invigorated on the heels of “Grande” and inspired by his +100 worldwide live performances, he chose to write and record his second album, “Hues and Calm”, with funding from a Kickstarter campaign, receiving almost $10,000. The album was recorded in San Francisco, at the world-famous Hyde Street Studio C, where Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane recorded in the 70s. Renowned sound engineer Scott McDowell, who has worked with big names in the Bay Area music scene, including Geographer, Kacey Johansing, and Sean Hayes, recorded and mixed the album. Manifacier’s song, "The Bridge", released as a single from the new album last year,will be featured in Azure Valencia's upcoming feature film “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (out in 2014). The track has also reached more than 100,000 plays on SoundCloud.

Morgan now resides in New York, where he currently works on the composition of a new album.